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I am the founder of The Dreams2Chase Foundation. For those of you who know me, you know that I released my first album a while back titled Dreams-2-Chase. Others may remember me from my work as a child on various productions in TV and Film including “Blossom” and “Nick of Time”.

I have many dreams. My ultimate dream in this lifetime is to make a difference. I believe everyone should chase their dreams. If we all work hard to love and support each other together we can make our dreams a reality. I had the idea for Dreams-2-Chase a couple of years ago, when my family was placed in a time of hardship, my mother had a brain tumor and my father had a massive heart attack. I had both parents in ICU and honestly I was lost. I didn’t know how or why this could be happening. As I watched them fight to gain back their strength and become healthy again, I realized that this terrible situation stripped them of many of their dreams and it also made me scared to pursue my own dreams in the entertainment world. My experience made me stronger and now I know that I can achieve anything I want to achieve.

The Dreams-2-Chase Foundation is going to help people in times of hardship. Regardless of the circumstances, everyone needs a helping hand. My goal is to raise $100,000 to help families in times of hardship. I believe that by taking the stress away and allowing people to have stress free experiences we can help inspire them to reach their goals and dreams that thought they could no longer chase and achieve. It can be a simple smile that changes someones life, a trip to a special place, or the chance to attend school to further education.

Along with D2C Dream Team, I plan on sponsoring families and providing scholarships to help make your dreams a reality. Please Support This Cause! Like our page, purchase my first album, come on board with our fundraising campaign, but most of all

never stop dreaming and share your dreams with us!!

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Courtney Chase