Happy 10th Birthday Evezue!

Evezue is 10 years old! I cannot believe it. 10 years ago my puppy was born and one year later I officially adopted him (9 months of fostering).He came from an abusive family, but he has had nothing but love over 9.75 years. He has been the best dog I have had in my life. He is loving & loyal, my true best friend. We celebrated his birthday with lots of toys, cake and belly rubs.  This dog has been through all of my adult life with me. I am so lucky!

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Now the best part about all of the toys purchased— they are the best toys available for those pups who need a durable solution! Since this is a big birthday, we gave our beautiful pitty all of his favorites! Jolly-ball, Tire Toy, 2 Nylabone chew bones and of course a kong (get the black one) and kong collar! His night was topped off with singing happy birthday and enjoying vanilla ice cream and bone!

Happy Birthday!!!!

Til Later XoX,


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