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My very special 25th

Happy 25th, OH WHAT A WONDERFUL DAY!!!IMG_0519

My wife gave me the best birthday ever! so leading up to the big day ( my b-day) Courtney was extra careful with her phone, keeping it out of my way and never really lifting her head away from it. this is how the story starts.


We were planning on going to Disney World and ended up going with great friends the day before my birthday. I mean- how much better then disney can it get?! I love Disney World, it was sunny, beautiful and not to crowded! (never go to disney on a weekend during Season – were talking 4 hour lines) we went on a Monday. Aj got to see Elsa and Anna, we rode a bunch of rides and stayed for the fantastic firework/ light show. If you’ve never been to Disney World – GO! The day was perfect! we stayed at our friends hotel room and planned on leaving for Fort Myers the next morning. Little did I know that Courtney had the next day planned to the last minute. I was woken up at 5 am on my birthday and brought 40 min away : WE WERE GOING ON A HOT AIR BALLOON!!!


What can I say?! My wife is the best! The Hot Air Balloon was AWESOME! to be completely honest I was terrified for the first 10 minutes, our drives was so la-di-da and I was questioning his skill in controlling this huge, loud, hot and pretty flimsy balloon, but it was SO beautiful. It was an experience I will never forget, and I am so happy I got to share it with my best friend and life partner <3

After returning safely to the ground, we went in the pool, relaxed for a little and drove back to Fort Myers. The day was far from over.

We went to the beach, and ended up at the parents house. I love carrot cake and had a special surprise waiting for me:IMG_0466

SCORE! – Thank you Mommy for the amazing cake and cupcakes <3


So remember how I started this post with my wife’s strange behavior on her phone? Well, there was a reason. For the past month she had been working with my Sister, Stephanie on making me the sweetest most loving birthday video ever. Reaching my family in Norway, getting everyone to send her a video so that Stephie could edit and create a video that would make me cry of joy for like an hour after. I love my wife, My in-laws, My sister – my friends and my family and I am so appreciative of all the effort that went into making this such a fantastic birthday!



The Beginning

the foss'

We all have dreams we chase, if its White Water Rafting in the Colorado River, seeing the Eiffel tower, or getting lost in New York. Google is my friend and after asking, told me that; ‘a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep’, is the definition of a dream, or dreaming. In my vocabulary a dream is something I burn for, something that makes my body tingle and my mind race, something that I need to do, experience and, explore.

Courtney and I recently ‘came out’ to the world (via Facebook of course) and announced our engagement. We are super happy, in love and ready to start a family. We want to buy our first house together, make tons of babies (2-5, crazy right?) and of course, make more money than Bill Gates (we are trying to figure out how to make that happen, no luck yet). We are excited to see what the world has to offer us and what we can do for the world.

So, back to the point, we have so many dreams! So many options, and as far as we see it, our lives are just starting (late 20’s is the new something, right?). Dreams 2 Chase is our travel blog, life blog, our non-profit and, we also have a pet sitting business by the same name. Life is crazy, busy, and unpredictable. With this blog we will share our many adventures and, our crazy life with anyone willing to listen.

Don’t judge my English, it is my second language!