The Importance Of Family

I love my family. My beautifully blended family. My loving wife, our parents, sisters, nieces, aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins and best friends. All of the beautiful people we have the honor of surrounding ourselves with and sharing our life on earth.  Without family where would we be?

The best part about my family is there are no boundaries, we do not divide blood and water, no together we all have love and that is what drives the world. Love is the meaning of happiness. There is no price on happiness but if there was I would be EXTREMELY RICH. Thank you for being a part of our lives. We love you all so much xo 🙂

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Goal Setting

Today Becca and I received a lesson from a friend of ours. The main focus of this lesson was to teach us how to properly set goals for our lives. Did you know that by writing down your goals you are significantly more likely to achieve your dreams? Rebecca and I are in the process of  setting goals for our personal, professional and self improvement areas. I really enjoyed the teachings of our friend because although I knew that goals where important, the technique she gave will help to make our goals that much more accessible. I am going to post the lesson in the blog tomorrow morning. I just didn’t want to forget to post before nighttime 🙂 okay folks.

Until tomorrow xox,


Demolition Day

Here we go world. Starting a project that we know nothing about! We are going to gain knowledge from youtube and books! We will keep posting along this crazy adventure! I think that this is a really cool project to be starting. It makes me happy knowing that Becca and I are completing something that we will use for years to come! Our new Teardrop trailer is officially started. Today was demolition day! We ripped this trailer apart and now we will scrape and paint before starting our floor! I hope you continue to follow this awesome project of ours!

Until Tomorrow XoX,


Happy 10th Birthday Evezue!

Evezue is 10 years old! I cannot believe it. 10 years ago my puppy was born and one year later I officially adopted him (9 months of fostering).He came from an abusive family, but he has had nothing but love over 9.75 years. He has been the best dog I have had in my life. He is loving & loyal, my true best friend. We celebrated his birthday with lots of toys, cake and belly rubs.  This dog has been through all of my adult life with me. I am so lucky!

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Now the best part about all of the toys purchased— they are the best toys available for those pups who need a durable solution! Since this is a big birthday, we gave our beautiful pitty all of his favorites! Jolly-ball, Tire Toy, 2 Nylabone chew bones and of course a kong (get the black one) and kong collar! His night was topped off with singing happy birthday and enjoying vanilla ice cream and bone!

Happy Birthday!!!!

Til Later XoX,


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